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Release Automation Bliss

Get affordable, agentless application release automation. Remove the complexity of software builds and releases. Build and release software 12x faster, at one-fifth the cost. Use  the tools you like –  Jenkins, GitHub and Ansible.

“Because OpenMake’s application release solutions integrated with our existing tools and uses no agents for multi-platform endpoints, we simplified our builds and software deployment across diverse teams.” View Case Study.

– Ernesto Elizalde, Director Process Services

“Using OpenMake’s DeployHub for continuous deployment, we reduced software delivery times from 7 hours to 5 minutes.”

– DevOps Engineer, Banking Financial Service

“Meister allowed us to reduce our one-off build scripts from over 1,000 to 11 reusable build modules shared across all teams.”

– Build & Release Engineer, USAA DevOps Team