Application Release Automation with Ansible Galaxy Roles and Release Engineer

Application Release Automation requires the ability to manage both the application stack and server configurations. IT Engines such as Ansible are designed to manage server configurations and the IT Stack, but do not focus on managing the

Application Release Automation integrated with IT Engines such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible

Companies shopping for Application Release Automation solutions often confuse the functionality of IT Engines such as Ansible, Chef and Puppet as potential tools to address the ARA challenge. IT Automation engines are designed to automate the management

Improve Release Management with Automation and Plugins for Non-stop Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery improved with Release Management Use release management automation and plugins in your Continuous Delivery Workflows You can easily improve your Continuous Delivery by automating software deployments with release management. Automating release management involves incorporating plugins

Deployment Version Control for Release Management and Continuous Delivery

Release Management, cornerstone of Continuous Delivery Deployment Version Control, Critical Release Management feature for Continuous Delivery Release Management is best achieved when the Continuous Delivery process relies on an application release automation (ARA) solution that supports deployment version control.

Release Engineer 7.6 with Ansible Galaxy Roles

Ansible Galaxy Roles integrated into Release Management Bridging Ansible Galaxy Roles for Infrastructure Configuration Management with Release Management OpenMake Release Engineer 7.6 inclues the ability to integrate Ansible Galaxy roles into your application release management logic. This feature allows

OpenMake in The Silicon Review

Silicon Review names OpenMake Software in top 20 OpenMake Software recognized in Silicon Review Check out an interview with Steve Taylor, CTO OpenMake Software in the Silicon Review, December 22nd, 2015 See Full Article. OpenMake Software: A

OMS Wins strategic Continuous Delivery Account

Release Engineer wins big in Continuous Delivery Release Engineer Selected for Automating Continuous Delivery/h2> One of the largest US Bank Check and Related Material Manufacturer selects Release Engineer for automating continuous delivery. Big Win for OMS –

7.5.1 Continuous Delivery Suite Now GA

Free Continuous Delivery ready for GA OMS improves upon Continuous Delivery in 7.5.1 Release Our 7.5.1 Continuous Delivery suite including both Meister and Release Engineer is now GA! This includes a Jenkins Plug-in for Release Engineer. You

Scalable Continuous Delivery tools with 7.51

Scalable Continuous Delivery with OMS 7.5.1 OMS Meister and Release Engineer for Scalable Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Plug-in Release 7.5.1 of our DevOps Tool suite, optimized for Scalable Continuous Delivery,  is available for download. This release includes a

Jenkins Plugin for Distributed Workflows at Scale

Jenkins Plugin to accelerate and scale Continuous Delivery Need to scale your Jenkins Distributed Workflows? Release Engineer’s Jenkins Plugin can do the heavy lifting. I’ve had several people ask me how Release Engineer scales Jenkins distributed workflows