Release Engineer 7.7 GA December 15, 2016

7.7 Features

Release Engineer Open Source GA March 2017

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Application Release Automation

Release Engineer Strengthens Continuous Deploy

"In Gartner's survey of reference customers, OpenMake Software Release Engineer was rated strongest on its ability to commit and deliver on requested enhancements, environment modeling and vision...OpenMake Software was rated among the top half of vendors in terms of overall satisfaction." Critical Capabilities for ARA, 2016 Gartner Report
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Release Management for all Teams

Strengthen the foundation of your Continuous Delivery process using Release Engineer to manage and deploy your software releases. Release Engineer reduces the risk of introducing new code to test and production by enforcing standards through a model driven, top-down design with a focus on the application stack. It uses agentless software deployments with next generation Release Automation (ARA) features to strengthen and fatten the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Release Engineer is a strategic release management alternative designed to meet the needs of teams of all sizes and disciplines. Its Agentless Software Delivery makes it simple to implement. It makes your job easier by simplifying the packaging of your application stack and automates software deployments at scale with a calendar based gated approval process, Infrastructure Configuration Management and Deployment Version Control for easy rollbacks or roll forwards.

Unique only to Release Engineer is the concept of "Domains." Domains allow you to model your environments based on your organizational top-down structure, facilitating a self-service experience for developers with the added ability for operations to leverage component management and reuse. Deployment Version Control supports the ability to roll forward, rollback, jump versions and audit deployments down to the component level, including workflow logic.

OpenMake Release Engineer is a strategic, and fully open Release Management solution supporting a Jenkins Plugin and Ansible integration. Our easy entry pricing model reduces risk of entering this corporate process change starting with a team version for free.

Release Engineer Architecture

Enterprise Platform support

Release Engineer runs on a Linux or Windows server, includes a web based UI and supports software deployments to multiple platforms and can support a deployments that include cross platforms. It also supports WebSphere Deployments, database deployments and integrates with external repositories for retrieving binaries.

Platform Support Includes:

Windows 2008, Windows 2012
Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux
Ubantu, Redhat, SuSe, Debian
Tandem, Stratus, IBM iSeries, OpenVMS, Unisys, IBM 4690
IBM WebSphere
Jetty, Tomcat, Cloud Foundry
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft SQL Server