Our Unique ARA Features

Release Management Audit and Trend Reports for
Continuous Delivery

Track and version every action and deployment

Release Engineer tracks every action and event related to a software deployment. Tracking includes versioning all Actions related to a deployment workflow, Component Items, Component Versions, and Application Versions. Release Management Audit and Inventory Tracking allows you to easily see the status of any software deployment at any state in the continuous delivery pipeline or view the history.

If you want to stay in the loop regarding what Application Versions have been delivered across your Continuous delivery pipeline, simply subscribe to that Application and you will receive updates on your ‘News Feed’. Users can subscribe to any object and be notified of actions or events that have involved said object. If you want to know when a specific server has received an update of any kind, your ‘News Feed’ will be updated. Release Engineer can pull all of this data together to provide an IT organization’s systems’ topology, assisting environment, applications and infrastructure managers in controlling and tracking software deployments across multiple environments for multiple teams. In addition, Release Engineer provides Trend Reports to help you understand the success or failure rate of any Application deployment, down to each individual step of the deployment workflow.

trend reports