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OpenMake Software announces general availability of Release Engineer 7.6
with Linux Deployment Engine Support

Linux deployment engine, as well as Ansible, LDAP and Active Directory integration now available in Release Engineer

CHICAGO, IL–April 13, 2016–Today, OpenMake Software announced the general availability of their Dynamic DevOps Suite which includes Release Engineer 7.6 for Release Management and ARA, and Meister 7.6 for Build Automation. This release includes support for a Linux based central ‘deployment engine’, improved Continuous Delivery Pipeline trend reports, integration into Ansible Galaxy Roles, audit tracking of deployment logic and support for LDAP and Active Directory.

Steve Taylor, CTO OpenMake Software explains, “This release includes support for a Linux based ‘deployment engine'. Support for Linux is critical for our enterprise customers who have moved away from Windows based servers and now rely on a Linux framework.“ In previous releases, the main Deployment Engine required a Windows Server. The 7.6 release can support the central deployment engine running on Windows or Linux with deployment support to Windows, Linux, UNIX, iSeries, mid-range and z/OS endpoints.

This version of Release Engineer also integrates with Ansible Galaxy Roles providing close to 4,000 reusable libraries for managing infrastructure components. Enhancements have been made to the Continuous Deployment trend reports, auditing of deployment logic and support for LDAP and Active Directory. 7.6 updates to Meister reflect only minor bug fixes.

Release Engineer and Meister can be downloaded for free with full features to support up to 2 Applications. An Application is a collection of binaries that is compiled, packaged and deployed as a single solution. Go to https://github.com/OpenMake-Software/ to download the free version of Meister or Release Engineer. The Release Engineer Jenkins Plug-in can also be found at https://github.com/OpenMake-Software/ReleaseEngineer/releases/download/7.5.1/release-engineer.hpi or from https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/OpenMake+Release+Engineer+Plugin.