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DeployHub Open Source GA March 2017

DeployHub Open Source Offering

Coming March 2017

open source ARA featuresOur next version of Release Engineer, renamed DeployHub, will be offered as an open source ARA solution under the GNU Affero License beginning March of 2017, hosted on GitHub. The Open Source version will include rich ARA features and the ability to upgrade to an 'Enterprise' supported edition. The Open Source version of DeployHub will serve organizations building out a Continuous Delivery pipeline around Open Source and will integrate with Jira, Bugzilla, GitHub, Jenkins, Jenkins Blue Ocean, CloudBees Pipeline, Ansible, and various repository and testing solutions.

Moving from Continuous Integration (CI) to an adaptable Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline requires a solid, repeatable package and deploy process that can easily support the requirements of Development, Testing and Production teams. OpenMake Software will fill the ARA Gap with a fully functional Open Source version of DeployHub.  Integrating with DeployHub will provide an open source ARA offering that will easily fit into existing CI workflows and can break down the barriers to achieving a mature Continuous Delivery process that can support development, testing and production environments.

Most of what is built around Continuous Integration is done so around open source tools and languages designed to meet the development workflow requirements. When organizations begin maturing to a broader Continuous Delivery process, more automation, audit tracking and reuse is required. This is the point in the DevOps process where Application Release Automation (ARA) is introduced. Most ARA solutions are sold as 'legacy' solutions, at a high cost to acquire and a heavy lift to implement, requiring 'vendor lock' and 100% buy-in from all teams. This legacy model does not fit into the leaner, more agile practices around CD, where development teams control what tool sets work best for there process and can acquire them easily through the open source channels. By offering DeployHub as an Open Source offering, we are providing access to a rich set of ARA features that can be easily implemented and adopted across the CD pipeline.

OpenMake Software will offer an Enterprise Upgrade to DeployHub that includes support and features critical to an enterprise such as Folders, Role Based Security and the ability to manage a "Release Train" or a deployment that includes multiple Applications.