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Quick Start Implementation Packages

Fast Starts in Continuous Build and Continuous Deploy


OpenMake Software provides packaged consulting services that are designed to get your implementation of Meister for Continuous Build and DeployHub for Continuous Deploy up and running quickly. We also provide customized solutions to meet any long-term or short-term continuous delivery consulting need.

Meister Quickstart Package

For most organizations the Quick Start program for Meister is an estimated 2 weeks.  Quick Starts are customized for your unique environment but normally include planning, installation, pilot implementation and a verification/acceptance phase. Our team can help you understand the needs and requirements of all teams including developers, production control, change management and auditing and help you configure Meister accordingly.

DeployHub Quickstart Package

Release and Deploy automation focuses on defining standardized processes for moving binaries to production. Our DeployHub 2 week Quick Start program is designed to assist you with identifying and reusing shared components and deployment models which define the steps for packaging and deploying your applications and the management of your deployment environments.   

To receive additional information or to request a price quote for our consulting packages or custom services contact us at 800-359-8049 or 312-440-9545.