OpenMake® Software Introduces New Management Team

Steve Taylor to lead OpenMake Software in New Business Strategy

CHICAGO, IL–October 13, 2016 –Today, OpenMake Software announced a new management team to lead the company. Steve Taylor will serve as CEO and will focus the business around Continuous Delivery products and services. Steve Taylor is the Co-founder and previous CTO of OpenMake Software. Steve’s background has provided him deep insight into the needs of organizations that are maturing through Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Phil Gibbs will serve as CTO. Phil previously served as VP of Engineering and is a thought leader in the area of agentless software releases.

“OpenMake Software has proven to be an innovator in the ALM and now Continuous Delivery space. I look forward to leading OpenMake Software into the new DevOps market” stated Steve Taylor, CEO of OpenMake Software.

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake® Software delivers highly reusable DevOps Solutions that strengthens the foundation of the Continuous Delivery pipeline from build automation through release management. OpenMake Software automates and accelerates the heavy lifting of the build, package and deploy tasks of the Continuous Delivery pipeline by focusing on the creation, control and audit of the application stack allowing our customers to achieve faster software innovation cycles.