Our Unique ARA Features

Playbooks and Plugins for Automating
Continuous Delivery

Standardized Release Management

Release Engineer helps you improve continuous delivery using highly reusable plugins and playbooks for release management. Reuse creates reproducible deployment procedures that are needed to pass the process from one stage in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline to another, adjusting environment variables and parameters along the way. Plugins and Playbooks take out the guess work leading to lower risk and more frequent software deployments. Release Engineer supports a variety of Plugins and Playbooks with tight integration to Ansible for Infrastructure Configuration Management using Ansible Galaxy Roles, Jenkins, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft IIS, Oracle, SQL Server, Cloud Foundry and more.

Release Engineer integrates with external tools using reusable Actions and Workflows that can be shared across teams. Actions are executed before, during and after a deployment step and standardize processes for deploying various types of applications.

Plug-in Support

Pre Built Actions | WebSphere| Microsoft IIS | Tomcat | SQLServer, Oracle | Ansible | Jenkins | Meister | CloudBees | CloudFoundry | Repository Plug-ins: Git, SVN, CA Harvest, Maven, Perforce, FTP, File System