OpenMake Software Announces ‘Easy Entry’ Pricing

Easy Entry subscription pricing for Continuous Build and Continuous Deploy 


CHICAGO, IL–April 27th, 2015–Today, OpenMake Software announced a new and ‘easy entry’ pricing plan for their Continuous Delivery Suite which includes Meister for Continuous Build and Release Engineer for Continuous Deploy. The new pricing strategy is based on an annual subscription rate that provides you continuous integration server pooling, Continuous Build automation, configuration management and Continuous Deploy with Application Release Automation (ARA) for as low as $1,250 per year, per software application, including maintenance.  This brings a very complete and scalable Continuous Delivery framework available to the market with minimal acquisition costs for a proven solution used globally by hundreds of companies.

Release Engineer and Meister can be downloaded for free with full features to support up to 2 Applications. An Application is a collection of binaries that is compiled, packaged and deployed as a single solution.  The ‘pay as you grow’ model allows users to add ‘Applications’ to either Meister or Release Engineer for $1,000 per Application per year, with technical support costing only $250 per Application per year. 

According to Mike Hallett, Chief Revenue Officer, OpenMake Software, “this new and innovative pricing strategy allows easy entry points into OpenMake Software products.  Development teams can download Meister or Release Engineer and achieve high levels of automation in a very short period of time (hours typically) at a very low cost.  Developers can then hand off the build and/or release process to testing and operations without the expense of purchasing new seats for the applications in use.” 

Stephen King, CEO OpenMake Software explains, “Our new pricing strategy better aligns with the needs of organizations who want to purchase software based on actual usage instead of named seats. This supports a pay as you grow model.” 

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software delivers a model-driven, multi-platform DevOps Suite that gives you fast insight into your production readiness of your software builds and ensures your releases are in a shippable state at any point in your software life-cycle.