OpenMake Meister Continuous Build gets the Jolt Award

Award received for Continuous Build in the change and configuration management category


Chicago, IL–March 18, 2009OpenMake Software, a leader in scalable Continuous Deploy and Continuous Build with integratedcompile build automation, took home the Jolt Award in the change and configuration management category.  The Jolt Award was presented by Dr. Dobb's and SD West on March 11th, 2009 in San Jose, Ca.


The Jolt Product Excellence Award recognizes technology and publications that have made a substantial impact on the software industry.  OpenMake Meister competed against 5 other nominated products in this category and was selected as the "best of breed" winner.


"OpenMake Meister is the first Continuous Build soltuion to receive the distinguished Jolt Award in the change and configuration management category", explains Tracy Ragan, COO of OpenMake Software.  "This fact is important as it indicates that the Jolt judges understand the importance of managing binaries as part of the source code management process in a model driven method using Build Services.  Without managing binaries, the source code that is stored in a version repository may never make it out to production".  Unlike source code management or simple Continuous Integration Servers like Jenkins, OpenMake Meister manages the binaries ensuring that the application being delivered to production matches the correct and approved developer code.


Steve Taylor, CTO of OpenMake Software,  accepted the Jolt Award on Wednesday night from Andrew Binstock, famed author of "Practical Algorithms".  Steve thanked Mr. Binstock for his published algorithms that have been used in the creation of OpenMake Meister.  "It is an honor to receive the Jolt recognition as it indicates that our work has been validated by our peers" stated Mr. Taylor.  "Receiving it from Andrew completed the picture as we referenced his b-tree and sorting algorithms to create Meister's deep source code dependency management.  Meister's source dependency management is what really sets it apart from any other Build solution."