Open Source Partners in DevOps and Infrastructure Management

OpenMake Software supports Open Source tools by extending the feature sets of Open Source solutions for DevOps, Agile ALM and Infrastructure Configuration Management.  Below is a list of Open Source organizations we participate in and Open Source libraries and tools that we use.


OpenMake DeployHub imports Ansible Galaxy Roles to support Infrastructure Configuration Management. Components are available from the Galaxy Roles that can be immediately imported into your continuous deploy workflow.

Apache Ant

OpenMake Meister integrates with Ant, allowing our users to define Build Methods that call Ant Tasks.  Using Build Methods also allows our users to define reusable, build best practices around the usage of Ant.

Apache Archiva

Archiva provides web services that are used by the Meister Ant War Build Method to find each archive’s dependency tree.  This allows Meister to access the Archiva repository for determining the use of transitive dependencies in the build.


OpenMake Meister includes Eclipse Plug-ins allowing for builds inside and outside of the Eclipse IDE.


OpenMake Meister and OpenMake DeployHub integrate with Jenkins through plug-ins that allow Jenkins to replace manual scripts with full automation. Your Jenkins CI workflow can call Meister to execute the compile/link process, accelerate the speed of your build and audit every step in the detailed compilation process.  DeployHub can be initiated by Jenkins to do the heavy lifting of packaging and deploying your binaries, including database updates. 


Perl is one of the most stable open source communities and is probably one of the most popular and robust open source languages.  Meister uses Perl as the basis for Build Methods, the components that generates the build.xml files. Perl allows the most flexibility in search and replace functionality and conditional logic. For these reasons it was the language chosen to support Meister's Build Methods.

Subversion, Git and CVS

OpenMake Meister integrates with Subversion, Git and CVS providing detailed build audit reports showing all artifacts used in the build with the Subversion, Git or CVS item history.  We don't stop there.  We also provide an audit of what files were  not managed in Git, CVS or Subversion giving you a complete audit of the accuracy of your Subversion, Git or CVS repository.  OpenMake Meister also provides a continuous integration build loop for Subversion, Git and CVS to support agile development practices with build avoidance and complete support for iterative development processes. In addition, DeployHub supports retrieving artifacts from these repositories.