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Accelerate Binary Compilation

How it Works

1. Assign High Level Dependencies

Define the location of high-level source and library artifacts of each build Project. Like a VPATH, the Meister Dependency Directory can be ordered on a 'first found' basis to control code based on your build 'stream.'

2. Define Targets to Your Project

Generate a binary Target file, or define one using our Target Editor, using an integrated development environment like .Net or Eclipse. Meister equates a Target to a binary object.

3. Configure and Execute Workflows

Define Build Task order using a Meister Workflow. Generate a build control file, define pre/post-steps around the compile process, then execute using Meister's CI engine. Or, call from Jenkins, TeamCity or Bamboo.

4. Store and Audit

Store binaries in Meister's repository, or any external repository. Detailed audit reports, including explosion and implosion analysis, are created during your software build.

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