Continuous Delivery Automation with Jenkins Support

Meister and Release Engineer 7.51 for Continuous Delivery

CHICAGO, IL–December 11, 2015 – Today, OpenMake Software announced the general availability of Meister for Continuous Build and Release Engineer for Continuous Deploy supporting a fully automated continuous delivery framework. This release includes enhancements to Release Engineer for Continuous Deploy & Application Release Automation and Meister for Continuous Build Automation.

Providing a Jenkins Plug-in and enhancing Release Engineer navigation assistance is the primary purpose for the 7.5.1 release. Enhancements to Release Engineer include expanded drag and drop functionality , notification templates and exposing ‘inheritance’ that show dependencies between Applications. Meister’s updates focus on standard patch enhancements which includes the Meister RCP running under Java 1.7, 1.8 (both 64 and 32 bit) and the incorporation of the latest version of Perl (5.22). Full details can be found at 7.5.1 Release Notes.

Release Engineer and Meister can be downloaded for free with full features to support up to 2 Applications. An Application is a collection of binaries that is compiled, packaged and deployed as a single solution. Go to GitHub to download the free version of Meister or Release Engineer. The new Release Engineer Jenkins Plug-in can also be found at GitHub or from the Jenkins Wiki.

Steve Taylor, CTO OpenMake Software explains, “The 7.5.1 release prepares us for the upcoming 7.6 release, due in mid-January. 7.6 will include support for Ansible Galaxy Roles and the ability to manage Containers, making it even easier to support both infrastructure and application changes from a single agentless solution.”

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake® Software delivers a highly reusable and integrated build, release and deploy DevOps solution that serves both the tactical needs of a project team and the strategic planning needs of operations. Meister for Build Automation can accelerate builds by up to 70%. Release Engineer for Software Delivery (ARA) automates component packaging, database updates, and rolling backward or forward, without the need for agents supporting containers, clouds, or thousands of servers. Our pricing model scales to reduce the risk of entering this corporate process change starting with a fully functional ‘Team’ version for free.