Our Unique ARA Features

Release Management & the Application Stack
for Continuous Delivery

Easier ways to manage the application layer and dependencies

If you have developers going in and manually changing environments or what is contained in a release, you've introduced inconsistencies. Release Engineer solves this problem by providing a method for defining, packaging and versioning the application stack. Instead of scripting a static manifest files, Release Engineer helps you graphically define and package your software deployments through Components and Applications.

Release Engineer allows you to control the sharing of Application Versions, Component Versions and Component Items delivering a high level of reuse for your central release team and a high level of flexibility for your development teams. You can package multiple Applications together to create a single "Release Train" to support broad enterprise release requirements. To help you with the packaging, Release Engineer interfaces with multiple version control tools and binary repositories allowing development teams to use their favorite tools to turnover the needed Components Items for an Application.

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