Cross Platform continuous delivery

Cross Platform Continuous delivery, from windows to z/OS

Cross Platform Continuous Delivery – DevOps at full strength

Cross Platform Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise is supported by Release Engineer and Meister
Cross platform continuous delivery is a requirement for the larger enterprise.  While small teams may only need to develop a continuous delivery process that supports Linux, the enterprise is built on many different platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX and z/OS.  Open Source tools rely on one-off scripting of the actual deploy logic, making it difficult to define a single process that will be easily executed across diverse operating systems.

Release Engineer solves this problem.  Release Engineer can be used to manage multi-platform continuous delivery. The enterprise can define a Release Train that includes z/OS updates, Linux updates and database updates all in the same release logic. When a multi-platform release is not managed as a single unit, scripting must be coordinated with manual efforts to make sure that it is done in a synchronized and well coordinated manner.  And even the best defined plans can lead to errors, caused by out of date scripts or a missed step that must be accomplished manually, such as updating a database column or minor configuration on a server.

With Release Engineer you can define any repository for any platform as a starting location, for example Endevor can be used at the mainframe level while Git is used for a Linux component.


Cross platform continuous delivery

Endevor as a repository

And for those of you who take the continuous delivery process serious, OpenMake Meister can support multi-platform continuous builds. Meister can scan for dependencies and perform build decision making across different operating systems, including windows, Linux, UNIX and z/OS.  Creating a Continuous Delivery process that incorporates multi-platforms is critical for the large organization and should be carefully considered when defining your continuous delivery processes.

Check out our demo showing how OpenMake Meister and Release Engineer create a ‘full strength” build to deploy DevOps process supporting multiple platforms including even – yes z/OS! No one-off scripts were used in the creation of this demo. It is fully automated from soup to nuts! It includes IBM RTC, CA Endevor and CA Harvest deploying to IBM WebSphere.? And yes you can download a free version from GitHub at:

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