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SVN Importer – converting from Borland StarTeam

SVN Importer Tips for converting to Subversion Intro to the SVN Importer I’ve previously posted about the SVN Importer tool here and hoped at some point to follow up on my experiences converting from specific version control

Polarion SVN Importer

Using the Polarion SVN Importer tool Lessons on Polarion SVN Importer On and off over the last few years or so I have been working with the open-source Polarion SVN Importer tool to help customers migrate to Subversion (SVN) from

DVCS in the Enterprise: Are we there yet?

DVCS Offers Huge Gains and will be Next Generation Version Control Understanding DVCS for Version Control Distributed version control systems (DVCS) have made huge gains in adoption over the past few years and GitHub in particular has