Application Release Automation with Ansible Galaxy Roles and Release Engineer

Application Release Automation requires the ability to manage both the application stack and server configurations. IT Engines such as Ansible are designed to manage server configurations and the IT Stack, but do not focus on managing the application stack. Application Release Automation (ARA) solutions such as OpenMake Release Engineer are designed to coordinate the application stack across the continuous delivery pipeline, supporting database updates, version jumping, deployment version control, auditing and reporting.

Application Release Automation with easy access to Ansible Galaxy Roles

To address the management of the datacenter, Release Engineer includes integration to the Ansible Galaxy Roles. On start-up, Release Engineer loads all available Ansible Galaxy Roles into the Release Engineer database from the Ansible community site. These Galaxy Roles are defined to Release Engineer as Components with Actions. Components are assigned to an Application and are versioned. With the Galaxy Roles immediately available, it is very easy to add the installation or update of Tomcat, WebSphere or Oracle using the Ansible Galaxy Role. No extra work required. It is all done for you. The new Ansible Component is defined to your Application with all of the required.

application release automation with Ansible

The combined solution of both Ansible and Release Engineer provides you with a delivery solution that can support the continuous delivery pipeline by managing both the IT Stack and Application Stack. Most important to understand is that Release Engineer allows you to manage your application stack without the use of RPMs. Instead this level of information is exposed to all, and can be manipulated as needed across the life cycle from dev through prod. Critical details of the application stack are dynamically managed through a workflow editor instead of managed statically in RPMs. This is key to a more agile approach to Continuous Delivery, reducing dependencies on one-off scripts that cannot be easily tweaked.

The lesson is to use the right tool for the job and Release Engineer allows you to do just that with its Ansible Integration.

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