Scalable Continuous Delivery tools with 7.51

Scalable Continuous Delivery with OMS 7.5.1

OMS Meister and Release Engineer for Scalable Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Plug-in

Release 7.5.1 of our DevOps Tool suite, optimized for Scalable Continuous Delivery,  is available for download. This release includes a Jenkins Plug-in for Release Engineer, optimized engines for highly scalable continuous delivery and more.

Development, Testing and Production use Jenkins with different levels of intensity.  As the process is shared across environments, problems begin to occur.  A deployment executed by the development team needs to be tweaked to support the needs of testing and tweaked again for production. Developers will use Jenkins with no issue, while testing and production begins experiencing the symptoms of an over loaded process.

Jenkins cannot provide scalable continuous delivery

Overworked Jenkins Workflow

Jenkins was not intended to be the only tool in the toolbox.  When used beyond what it was design to do, it can become a bottleneck requiring extra work and troubleshooting.  The solution is to allow Jenkins to orchestrate the process, with the heavy lifting achieved by solutions architected to automate application releases and support scalable continuous delivery.  This is the function of OpenMake Release Engineer for continuous deploy and OpenMake Meister for Continuous Build.

The OMS 7.51 Continuous Delivery tool chain includes both Build Automation and Release Management. It was designed and written to support both the tactical needs of the development team and the strategic needs of the enterprise.  Release Engineer’s agentless delivery technology makes it easy to expand or contract the number of endpoint targets required by a deployment.  Developers can define the entire logic of a release, including database updates and server configurations. The release is easily passed to other environments, such as test or production, where the logic is assigned to the proper roles and automatically expands to environments with more target endpoints. Meister supports a ‘command line workflow’ allowing Jenkins to execute a Meister workflow and incorporate Server Pooling and load balancing for your continuous integration workflow.


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