Monthly Archive:: August 2015

wsadmin get list of servers in a cluster

WSAdmin used in headless mode by Release Engineer Use WSAdmin with Release Engineer to manage server clusters This blog covers how to get a list of servers in a cluster using wsadmin.  Managing a cluster of servers

Ear file deployment to Websphere Cluster

Steps to perform an Ear file deployment Steve Taylor provides tips on setting up and Ear file deployment I am often asked how to standardize a ear file deployment around a WebSphere Cluster.  Deploying an ear file

Problems Adding commands the Docker ‘run’ command

Commands appended to the end of Docker ‘run’ issues Docker ‘run’ may not work as you expect. Starting a Docker Container which has autostart features, such as databases, where the Container automatically starts the database, won’t work

Why is Docker so Ubuntu-centric?

Docker and Ubuntu tight integration It seems that Ubuntu is the OS of choice for Docker users. Here at OpenMake Software we have started down the path to integrating Docker into our products and our process.  We

WebSphere wsadmin get cell name

WebSphere wsadmin get cell name commands Help on using Websphere Wsadmin This post covers how to retrieve a cell name from WebSphere wsadmin. I’ve been posting about supporting WebSphere with Release Engineer for all our WebSphere customers.