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SVN Importer – converting from Borland StarTeam

SVN Importer Tips for converting to Subversion Intro to the SVN Importer I’ve previously posted about the SVN Importer tool here and hoped at some point to follow up on my experiences converting from specific version control

DevOps for the Large Organization

Implementing DevOps for Large Organizations Thoughts on DevOps for larger teams DevQops dev·qops     \?d?v-,Kops\ : to undertake “DevOps” with particular impetus on Quality Assurance (QA), ideal for the larger organisation with rigorous QA processes and sophisticated,

One size fits all ALM tool is just a dream

One size fits all ALM Tool Prevent Enterprise Automation One size fits all ALM tool might not solve the problem It may be time to retire the one size fits all ALM tool.  Many organisations have “corporate wide”

Agent-based or Agentless Release Automation Solution?

Agentless Release Automation is the new way of Managing Software Deployments Many enterprise software systems can be categorized as either “Agent-based” or “Agent-less”. This blog is going to discuss why any organization would choose to select one

Third Party Development with CA Harvest

The Problem and CA Harvest Understanding 3rd party development and CA Harvest CA Harvest can be used to manage 3rd party developed software. I’ve had a number of clients ask my advice around how to manage development