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.Net Solutions with complex dependencies

.Net Solutions with Complexity .Net Solution builds can get complicated with multiple solution files We often get customers who have multiple .Net Solutions for creating a single application.   While Microsoft may advise against the practice, large companies

Distributed builds and Configuring Remote Agents

Distributed Builds and Remote Agents Using Distributed Builds with Remote Agents for Continuous Integration Distributed builds requires the use of Remote Agents.  A common question I see on our support forums is how to configure Remote Agents

DevOps and ALM for Continuous Delivery

Thoughts about DevOps and ALM with Continuous Delivery/h1> DevOps and ALM -do they both fit into the process of software development DevOps and ALM appear to be very similar, but still different.  I recently read a blog

Build Environment Variables

Build Environment Variables and how to manage the details Build Environment Variables are part of the build process Build Environment Variables are critical, detailed pieces of the over build process. If you are using OpenMake Meister to