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Phil Gibbs The Continuous Delivery Feedback Loop

Held on February 22, 2017

DeployHub can now integrate with Bugzilla, Jira and GitHub to track your change request from start to finish. This webinar shows how your change request tickets are traced from commit to build to deployment end target.

DevOps Thought Leadership WebinarsContinuous Delivery Advisory Panel Hosted by Ansible

Held on November 22, 2017

Moving from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery requires achieving new levels of process maturity. This panel of experts openly discussed how to move from a team based CI model to a reusable Continuous Delivery Foundation that supports a strong, repeatable and accelerated pipeline across your software development life cycle including the management of Infrastructure Configuration and application stack components. This webinar (hosted by Ansible) included questions from the audience providing an open dialog with the experts including:

  • Brian Dawson, Evangelist, CloudBees
  • Steve Taylor, CEO, OpenMake Software
  • Brandon Cipes, cPrime
  • Dylan Silva, Product Manager, Ansible by Red Hat

Quinn Bailey Automating Continuous Delivery with Jenkins, CloudBees and DeployHub

Presented on August 24th, 2016 by Quinn Bailey, Certified Jenkins Platform Engineer, Scrum Master, CD Consultant, OpenMake Software


Steve Taylor Integrating Ansible into your Continuous Delivery with Application Release Automation

Presented on May 25th, 2016 by Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software


Phil Gibbs Innovation in ARA - Introduction to DeployHub 7.6

Presented on April 27th, 2016 by Phi Gibbs, VP Engineering, OpenMake Software


Phil Gibbs Using the DeployHub Jenkins Plugin to Improve Software Deployments

 Presented by Phil Gibbs, VP of Technology, OpenMake Software

Steve Taylor Scaling Jenkins for fast, massive builds and deploys –tips and techniques for using Jenkins with build and deploy automation

Presented on October 15th by Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software


  Phil GibbsImplementing Rollback and Roll Forward into your Software Deployments

Presented on August 5th, 2015 by Phil Gibbs, VP Engineering, OpenMake Software