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Our Team of Continuous Delivery Professionals

We can improve your Continuous Delivery from Build through Deploy


OpenMake Software's professional services Team has guided major corporations through the process of improving the software development life cycle for the last 20 years, before Continuous Delivery and DevOps were in fashion.  Our laser focus on what is now called Continuous Delivery is incomparable in the industry. Our consultants are Scrum Certified and Jenkins CloudBees Platform Engineers. There knowledge and understanding of the challenges you face when implementing Continuous Delivery across the life cycle will help guide you through the process avoiding common mistakes that can be costly to repair later down the Continuous Delivery journey.

Our team can work with individuals from all sides of the software development life cycle from development through testing and production release. We have a deep understanding of version control, continuous integration, build/deploy scripting, application release automation, testing automation and infrastructure configuration management. If you have a question, just ask and we are happy to help.

Our Continuous Delivery Expertise

Our Team has assisted major corporations in the implementation of a repeatable Continuous Delivery process using a broad range of automation tools and custom Continuous Integration plugins including:

OpenMake Meister | OpenMake Release Engineer | Subversion | Git | Jenkins | CloudBees | Ansible Tower | Ansible Galaxy Roles | IBM ClearCase | IBM ClearQuest | Microsoft TFS | Microsoft TeamBuild | Microsoft .NET | CA Harvest | CA Release Automation | CA TDM | Perforce | Eclipse | SCRUM | Puppet | Chef | Oracle | Oracle Developer | Sybase | SQL Server| Maven | Ant | Make

Our consultants are experienced with agile practices and are certified in Scrum and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.