OpenMake Software - Innovators in DevOps

OpenMake® Software delivers highly reusable DevOps Solutions that allows our customers to go the 'last mile' in agile. DeployHub, our Application Release Automation solution, eliminates the friction in the continuous delivery pipeline as code moves between environments. Meister accelerates and streamlines the software compile process for highly efficient continuous builds.

As a 100% self-funded organization, we have the freedom to focus on our customer’s needs, delivering innovation in software builds and release. An investment in our DevOps solutions or Professional Services forms a ‘technical partnership’ that provides you expertise and support to solve your toughest build and release problems for today and tomorrow.

Management Team - Continuous Delivery Visionaries

OpenMake Software was co-founded by Steve Taylor and Tracy Ragan in 1995 with a goal to streamline the automation of software builds and releases. OpenMake Software was the first to deliver build automation to the DevOps market, long before DevOps was in style. OpenMake Software's partnerships in DevOps include CA, CloudBees, Ansbile, cPrime and Wipro. Our experience working with a broad range of industries has given us the advantage of knowing how to address DevOps for a wide variety of development platforms and data center configurations from physical servers, virtual environments, Clouds and Containers.


OpenMake Software Team of C-level Experts


Steve Taylor - President, CITA & Co-founder

Steve Taylor, CTOSteve Taylor is the CTO and Co-Founder of OpenMake Software. He has more than 20 years of experience in application development, specializing in build and release management. He has experience solving the most difficult DevOps challenges across the life cycle. Focusing on a multi-platform solution that can automate the compilation of code and packaging of binaries followed by an agentless deployment, Steve’s vision of Continuous Delivery is defined in the features offered in Meister for Continuous Build and DeployHub for Continuous Deployment. Mr. Taylor received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science/Mathematics from the University of Illinois-CU.


Tracy Ragan - CEO & Co-Founder

Tracy Ragan, COOMs. Ragan has had extensive experience in the development and implementation of DevOps for large organizations. She began her consulting career in 1989 on Wall Street specializing in build, testing and release management for the distributed platform. It was during her consulting experiences that Ms. Ragan recognized the lack of standardized development procedures on open systems that were common on the mainframe. In the years leading to the creation of OpenMake Software she worked with development teams in implementing a community driven standardized build and deploy process that enabled frequent builds and releases, automated around version control. Her knowledge and experience contributed to the creation of OpenMake Meister, the first commercial Build Automation solution. Ms. Ragan served on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors as an Add-in Provider Representative for 5 years. She has been published on numerous occasions and regularly speaks at conferences including CA World where she presented for 15 consecutive years. She holds a BS Degree in Business Administration, Computer Technology from California State University, Pomona.

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Mike Hallett - Board Advisor

Mike Hallett, CROMike has over 25 years of industry leadership experience with successful global companies across sales, general management and "C level" positions. Mike led Alliances at Oracle with responsibility for close to $1B in direct and partner revenue, and subsequently was responsible for the large consulting relationships such as Accenture and IBM which drove over $400M in revenue at Siebel. At Kintana, Mike built a worldwide field sales and delivery operation prior to its acquisition by HP. Subsequently, Mike was responsible for building from the initial funding, a global team for Questra Corp, a leading device management company which was acquired. At CollabNet, Mike was responsible for growing worldwide annual subscription revenue by 237% and integrating 3 strategic acquisitions during his tenure.


  Phil Gibbs - CTO

Phil Gibbs

With over 25 years' experience in IT, Phil has worked on a variety of client sites across the UK and mainland Europe. He started programming in 1977 (on a Digital PDP-8) and has since programmed in a variety of 3GL languages and assembler code. Phil was first exposed to Unix in 1987 and quickly became an enthusiastic shell-scripter, a skill that is still highly relevant today. Indeed, he once built an entire web-based application out of some 200 shell scripts! Even so, he is technology agnostic, coding and implementing solutions in Microsoft technologies as well as on Unix and Linux.  Phil brings his considerable development experience to bear, resulting in the design and implementation of a number of innovative products. Whether these products are stand alone or add-ons the philosophy behind the design is always the same - to allow the customer to maximize their ROI in their IT infrastructure.

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