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Achieve Continuous Deployment - Eliminate Agents

Agentless Software Deployments at Scale

The Problem with Agents

When developers define a deployment process around a CI slave technology, the data center team must agree to install one CI slave for every production endpoint. The need for CI slaves in production immediately creates a roadblock to repeating the development team's deployment process. broken continuous deploymentNot only that, data center teams have their own traditional deployment tools with their own 'slaves.' Data center teams want the development teams to adopt their waterfall based tools and processes. The mixed method creates a hybrid approach of agile and waterfall and the promise of continuous deployment is not achieved.



The Solution - an Agentless Approach

DeployHub is an ARA solution designed to address the “last mile of agile” by both DeployHub for Agentless Software Delivery removing the overhead of agents that must be added to every deployment environment and eliminate the added work that is imposed on developers by traditional waterfall approaches. By removing the overhead of agents, the data center becomes more agile and can repeat the deployment 'teed up' by the development teams.



DeployHub's agentless technology Scaling Continuous Deploycan scale to thousands of endpoints supporting physical, virtual, or container architectures. Agentless software deployments are critical in the reduction of your operational overhead and the ability to achieve continuous deployments. With the use of secure protocols such as SSH to connect and administer the data center infrastructure, no firewall changes are required.


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Our Competitive Difference

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ARA Features
Open Source
Easy Installation - No End Point Agents  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Easy to configure - graphical application packaging  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Release Train Management (manage multiple applications) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Calendar with integrated pre-approvals and blocking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Role Based Security Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Tracking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from issue tracking to endpoint  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Burn Down Charts Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Component Sharing and Workflow Templates Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Push or Pull deployments with version 'jumping' Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Database Management Support Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Jenkins and Continuous Delivery Plugins Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Environment Modeling and Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm