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Release Code Faster

How It Works

1. Define Your Application and IT Stack

Define, package and version your application. Components and configuration logic automatically adapt as deployments are pushed from development through production. Integrate with Ansible, Chef or Puppet components for 100% continuous deployment.

2. Configure Workflows

Define, reuse, and share workflow logic. Workflows define the installation logic required for your application or for individual components. Workflows are customizable and can use plug-ins from external tools.

3. Set Your Environment and Release Calendar

Define and schedule installation environments. Development, test and production can have their own environments, each with different owners, for secure releases. Automatically approve or block a release using calendars in any environment.

4. Push with Continuous Delivery, Jump Versions, Rollback

Automate and push continuous deployments using a continuous delivery engine like Jenkins or CloudBees. When jumping or rolling back versions, DeployHub applies all changes without a monolithic deployment. Audit and trace with a continuous feedback loop and inventory reports.

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