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Achieve Continuous Deployments using DeployHub with Jenkins, Blue Ocean and GitHub.


The great promise of the Agile movement is rapid and flexible software development. Of course, with every great promise often come hidden downsides.

Master Agile’s Last Mile™ An eBook discussion on Agile DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Learn how to master agile's last mile. Ten tips to get you started.

Webinars and Demos

Steve Taylor, OMS Chief Architect shows you how to achieve continuous deployments using Jenkins, Blue Ocean, GitHub and DeployHub.
Brian Dawson, CloudBees evangelist joins Tracy Ragan, CEO OpenMake Software to explain how to go from continuous delivery to full continuous deployment using CloudBees and DeployHub.
Learn how DeployHub integrates with Bugzilla, Jira and GitHub to track change requests across the continuous delivery pipeline.
Watch our series of tutorials on advanced topics in automating continuous deployment.
Deploy both your application stack and your infrastructure stack as a complete package, or full stack, using DeployHub and Ansible
Use the Jenkins Wizard to set-up your first deployment with DeployHub.
Watch our series of  demos to see how Meister accelerates compiles and  integrates with different compilers and IDE environments such as .Net and Eclipse.
Watch our series of  tutorials to see how easy it is to start accelerating your builds with Meister.

Technical Docs

How to leverage DeployHub, IT Automation (Ansible, Chef, Puppet), Jenkins and CloudBees for a stronger continuous delivery foundation.
This whitepaper shows how to use your Jenkins Pipeline to orchestrate continuous deployments to production with DeployHub.
How using DeployHub to take over continuous deploy allows your continuous delivery process to scale across the pipeline.
The complete online User Guide for DeployHub, indexed and searchable for easy answers to all of your questions.
The complete online User Guide for Meister, indexed and searchable for easy answers to all of your questions.