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Implementing a Continuous Build Strategy

Improve Continuous Integration By Streamlining Your Continuous Builds

We can help you understand how to improve your overall Continuous Delivery strategy by starting at the earliest phase of the process, the compile and link. Addressing and streamlining your CD at this early of a phase will improve all 'down stream' processes such as deployments and testing. We will help you establish:

  • pre-flight and integration builds,
  • binary storage options,
  • methods for managing transient dependencies,
  • and build turnover procedures integrated into your Continuous Delivery process.

The compile/link step of the Continuous Integration process is often under served. Developers write scripts to satisfy the compile/link requirements for their 'local' builds without considering the build requirements across the life cycle when executed in a Continuous Delivery Pipeline at the higher stages. For this reason, the compile scripts are often very static without the ability to be compiled on different machines.

Our Consultants are expert in sorting out how to improve existing scripts to make them more dynamic, or provide suggestions for creating procedures that will improve the transparency of your compile and link results. Build scripts can be ugly with many inter-dependent relationships. They are however a critical piece in the overall Continuous Delivery Automation puzzle and should be evaluated as part of your Continuous Delivery strategy.

Compile and Link Relationships for Continuous Build

The OpenMake Software team has been improving the build process for companies worldwide for the last 20 years. No other team has our level of expertise in this particular Continuous Delivery discipline. Our team can improve scripts written in any of the build scripting languages such as Maven, Ant, Nant, MSBuild, Gradle or Make.

Our Continuous Delivery Expertise

Our Team has assisted major corporations in the implementation of a repeatable Continuous Delivery process using a broad range of automation tools and custom Continuous Integration plugins including:

OpenMake Meister | DeployHub | Subversion | Git | Jenkins | CloudBees | Ansible Tower | Ansible Galaxy Roles | IBM ClearCase | IBM ClearQuest | Microsoft TFS | Microsoft TeamBuild | Microsoft .NET | CA Harvest | CA Release Automation | CA TDM | Perforce | Eclipse | SCRUM | Puppet | Chef | Oracle | Oracle Developer | Sybase | SQL Server| Maven | Ant | Make

Our consultants are experienced with agile practices and are certified in Scrum and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.