Continuous Deploy added to the collabXchange

Accelerated Builds and Enhanced Enterprise Audits

Chicago, IL–February 4, 2010OpenMake Software, the leader in continuous build and continuous deploy solutions and services, announced today that they have become a member of the CollabNet technology partner program adding OpenMake Meister to the collabXchange, an online integration marketplace.  CollabNet TeamForge with Subversion and OpenMakeMeister for Continuous Build are ideal solutions for improving distributed software development practices, particularly around Agile methods from check-in through build and release.


Meister extends the centralization features of the CollabNet framework into the critical step of compiling and linking the Subversion-managed source code.  Meister allows the CollabNet framework to orchestrate the complexities of the software build, improving software quality and minimizing costly bottlenecks due to broken or ‘bad’ builds. Together, Meister and CollabNet offer a complete solution to enterprise ALM challenges.


“This partnership furthers our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions to our customers.  OpenMake Software was added to our list of technology partners for two reasons.  First, their Meister technology improves and accelerates the Continuous Integration process for Agile developers” states Jim Ensell, VP Business Development, CollabNet. “In addition, it delivers intelligent, enterprise level audit controls around the build and release process.”


“OpenMake Meister integrates with Subversion to deliver accelerated builds for both .Net and Java improving continuous integration by eliminating build bottlenecks.  It also exposes all Subversion managed source used during the build and release process providing a complete enterprise level audit trail,” explains Tracy Ragan, COO and Co-founder, OpenMake Software.  OpenMake Meister also offers a free Continuous Integration Server that integrates with the CollabNet framework.


CollabNet provides the industry’s most open and extensible platform for distributed ALM, enabling CollabNet Technology Partners to rapidly and easily create integrated products for distribution on collabXchange, expanding their potential customer bases to include the millions of software developers using the CollabNet platform today.

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software empowers the heart of software development - the software build.  The build can cause missed deadlines and budget overages.  It should not be ignored.  We deliver the solutions that release the full potential of software development through build and release management. Over 100,000 users recognize us as the authority for solving their toughest build challenges.  OpenMake Meister is the winner of the 2009 Jolt Award in the Change and Configuration Management category.

About CollabNet

CollabNet is the leader in application life-cycle management (ALM) platforms for distributed software development teams.  CollabNet TeamForge is the industry’s most open ALM platform, supporting every environment, methodology, and technology.  With an integrated suite of easy-to-use tools that share a centralized repository, it is the only ALM platform that enables a culture of collaboration, improving productivity 10-50% and reducing the cost of software development by up to 80%.



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