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Change Request Tracking

Associate your Jira, Bugzilla and GitHub tickets to your Deployment

DeployHub allows popular Change Request tracking tools to be linked to Components and Application objects. This allows DeployHub to track which defects are being worked on and where they are in the Software Development Life Cycle.

change request tracking


Because DeployHub supports different bug tracking tools (Jira, GitHub and Bugzilla) and allows individual components to be connected to these tools, each development team can use their own preferred Bug Tracking tool. You could have a Database Team using Bugzilla whilst the Application Development Team uses Jira. DeployHub consolidates all this bug data to show you the current state of an application, including all the bugs, their current state and whether the bug is "open" or "closed". Each bug is color-coded to give an instant view of the defect state.

DeployHub presents both a list of defects associated with the component or application but also a "burn down" chart which shows the bug fix activity over time. As bugs are added or closed, the burn-down chart changes at that time. This gives an instant view of how quickly defects are being added and/or closed to the object giving you instant visibility of progress in bringing the application to a release state. The Application view shows the defects associated with the application as well as all the defects associated with the constituent components. The Release view takes this a stage further and shows all the defects associated with all the applications in the Release. The burn down chart for a Release shows instantly how close the Release is to being ready for production.

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ARA Features
Open Source
Easy Installation - No End Point Agents  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Easy to configure - graphical application packaging  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Release Train Management (manage multiple applications) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Calendar with integrated pre-approvals and blocking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Role Based Security Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Tracking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from issue tracking to endpoint  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Burn Down Charts Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Component Sharing and Workflow Templates Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Push or Pull deployments with version 'jumping' Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Database Management Support Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Jenkins and Continuous Delivery Plugins Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Environment Modeling and Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm