Our Unique ARA Features

Share Responsibilities Across DevOps Teams

Facilitate Agile through Collaboration

Staying consistent with agile development requires all teams, from development through production, to be part of the conversation. Release Engineer balances the responsibility of deployments between teams, allowing each to control their realm, while collaborating and sharing knowledge across the pipeline and unblocking the flow of code changes into production. Built-in Release Management Collaboration Release Engineer encourages collaboration across the pipeline, eliminating waterfall habits and facilitating the practice where everyone is a part of the agile team.

Release Engineer uses built-in collaboration allowing users to 'subscribe' to an Application. Subscribing provides a 'social networking' experience that keeps the subscriber informed about all activities that occur to a particular software application including new versions, changes and deployments. The 'feed' is kept based on a timeline, so all actions are recorded and reported to all subscribers.

Release Management Timeline

In addition, Release Engineer provides each user a 'home' page that shows each users 'to do' list. This central location offers an easy method for everyone to stay connected and 'in the loop.'