DeployHub takes you the 'last mile' of agile

"In Gartner's survey of reference customers, OpenMake Software DeployHub (formerly Release Engineer) was rated strongest on its ability to commit and deliver on requested enhancements, environment modeling and vision...OpenMake Software was rated among the top half of vendors in terms of overall satisfaction." Critical Capabilities for ARA, 2016 Gartner Report

Application Release Automation
for the Agile Enterprise

ARA for Continuous Delivery

Designed for agile teams with complex deployments

DeployHub, formerly Release Engineer, is the first Application Release Automation (ARA) solution designed to break down the 'wall' between development and data centers so your cool new features get to production at the speed of agile. DeployHub unblocks the flow of code changes to production by eliminating the overhead of end target agents and the additional burden imposed on developers by traditional deployment approaches. DeployHub facilitates agile practices by balancing deployment responsibilities between teams, allowing each to control their realm, while collaborating and sharing knowledge across the continuous delivery pipeline. Application Release Automation Demo

DeployHub drives continuous deploy adoption by:

  • allowing DevOps teams to collaborate and share the responsibility of complex deployments across the continuous delivery pipeline;
  • removing the added work imposed on developers by traditional approaches;
  • eliminating the overhead of end target agents to support elastic data center environments (cloud, container, VM) and unblock the flow of code changes into production;
  • integrating into the CloudBees Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Jenkins Blue Ocean, or your continuous integration workflow.

DeployHub OSS is an Open Source ARA offering available at The DeployHub Pro upgrade offers features for managing a Release Train, role based security and change request tracking. DeployHub Pro is available based on a value based pricing model to reduce the financial risk of entering this corporate process change starting with a team version for free.

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OSS Vs. Pro

ARA Features
Open Source
Easy Installation - No End Point Agents  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Easy to configure - graphical application packaging  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Release Train Management (manage multiple applications) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Calendar with integrated pre-approvals and blocking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Role Based Security Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Tracking Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from issue tracking to endpoint  Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Change Request Burn Down Charts Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Component Sharing and Workflow Templates Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Push or Pull deployments with version 'jumping' Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Database Management Support Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Jenkins and Continuous Delivery Plugins Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers) Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Environment Modeling and Management Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point Checkmark Sm Checkmark Sm