Our Unique ARA Features

Ansible Integrated into ARA and
Continuous Delivery

Ansible Galaxy Roles as Components

Ansible Galaxy Roles allows our users to jump start their release process using pre-packaged units of work contributed by the Ansible Community. Release Engineer takes these pre-packaged units of work one step closer to automation. Galaxy Roles are built into Release Engineer Components and are ready to be used by your Release Engineer Application. This integration makes it very easy to include an Ansible Galaxy Role as one of your Application’s Components.

As an example, if your application targets WebSphere, an Ansible Galaxy Role “component” for WebSphere is easily defined to your Application Component list, thereby installing or updating WebSphere prior to installing your .war file. Leveraging the Ansible Galaxy roles further extends the reuse features of Release Engineer minimizing the custom scripting workload of your development and operations teams. Infrastructure configuration management is a critical part of the overall Release Management process that is now fully integrated into Release Engineer.

ansible integration