Our Unique ARA Features

Reusable Actions and Workflows for Standardized
Continuous Delivery

Release Engineer uses Workflows to define the unique deployment logic for your application or 'release train.' Similar to workflows you might find in a continuous integration server, however designed to support low level calls for performing application installation steps including updates to a database. Workflows and their corresponding Actions can be defined uniquely by each development team, or they call reusable Actions or Workflows that have been defined at the higher 'Domain' level that are shared across teams. Reusable Actions and Workflows are commonly used for defining a common step, such as deploying a WebSphere Server.

Encourages Reuse in Release Management

Release Engineer provides standardized release management Pre Built Actions that can be shared across teams and serve as the method for controlling every aspect of your software deployment integrated into your continuous delivery process. Actions are executed before, during and after a deployment step and can include standardized methods for deploying to a Web Server, updating a Database or any process that needs to be repeated in a consistent way across the enterprise. Actions can be defined at the highest Application level or at the lower Component Items level.  Actions defined to a software deployment may include prerequisites such as checking for available disk space or the presence of directories.

Reusable Software Deployment Actions 

Actions at the Component level could include starting or stopping a WebSphere Server. An action at the lowest level, a Component Item, could execute steps for that particular file or item.  Release Engineer's allows you to leverage Playbooks and Plugins to create the standardization and reuse required for fully automating your software deployments, designed specifically for the needs of the enterprise. You can import your existing scripts to be used as Actions or even use Ansible Galaxy Roles for performing infrastructure configuration management steps.


Shared Workflows

By abstracting the complexities associated with software deployments using 'Actions,' Release Engineer enables you to quickly and easily define software deployment workflows that can be reused from development through production. Workflows are a collection of Actions that define how an Application is to be installed. The Workflow contains the logical order to perform the software delivery and can be tracked and reported upon from a centralized location. Release Engineer allows development teams to share their Workflows creating a high-level of reuse and deployment consistency across teams and the enterprise.