Whitepapers and Technical Resource on Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

Technical Briefs on Automating Continuous Delivery

The following is technical information on DevOps, Build Automation, Release Management, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Version Control and IDE Plugins.


Release Management

Release Management Whitepapers

Scaling Continuous Delivery with DeployHub

Understand how to scale your Continuous Delivery process, integrated with Jenkins, to support a release to thousands of endpoints.

Calculating ROI for Application Release Automation

Calculate how much you can save by automating the deploy step of your Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery vs ARA

This whitepaper explores the fundamental differences between Continuous Delivery Vs. Application Release Automation. 

Why Choose DeployHub

This whitepaper reviews the fundamental differences between DeployHub and most open source and commercial ARA solutions.


DevOps Whitepapers


Putting the Continuous Delivery Pieces Together - DeployHub, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins and CloudBees

A review of how to build out a complete Continuous Delivery process using the right tools for the job."

DevOps for the Large Organization

A review of the DevOps challenges for Large Organizations, not solved by Open Source Best Practices"

It's Just Ops

A technical review of the true origin of DevOps and how to get started down your own DevOps road.


Build Automation

Build Automation Whitepapers


Build Automation Next Wave

Learn how build automation, combined with build management, can accelerate your continuous integration builds. Understand distributed builds, distributed processing, server pooling and parallelized builds.

Accelerating Builds

Accelerating your software builds is critical for improving agile methods and establishing a more efficient release process. This whitepaper explains what is required for accelerating builds and shows how Meister supports the process.

Finding ROI in Build and Workflow Automation

Learn how to calculate the ROI recognized by implementing a full build automation solution, including the auto generation of build scripts themselves.

Enterprise Build Management

This document presents an overview of managing the enterprise build process with OpenMake Meister.


Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration Whitepapers

Moving Beyond Maven

See how Meister and Maven compare for enterprise builds. Meister goes beyond Maven to deliver scalable, enterprise-class automated builds.

Meister Vs. Ant

A technical review of the differences between Meister and Ant.

Moving Beyond Jenkins

See how Meister and Jenkins compare for continuous integration. Meister goes beyond Jenkins to deliver scalable, enterprise-class DevOps solution.

Smart and Fast CI Builds

Accelerating your builds requires that your compile process be "smart". Learn how to execute "smart" builds for fast continuous integration.

Amp Up CI Builds

This document presents the use of Build Automation Compile Plugins and Build Avoidance to speed up and standardize your Continuous Integration Builds.


Build Auditing


Using Build Forensics

This document presents how Build Forensics and Build Management completes the IT Compliance Process.

Practices for meeting FDA Software Validation

This whitepaper covers common practices using build management to meet FDA Software Validation Standards and Requirements

Agile Practices

Agile Development and Build Automation


Improving Agile Methods with Meister

This document presents the Agile Development process, its challenges and OpenMake Software's solution.

Building Agile with CA Harvest 

This document discusses how to address agile practices within a process driven lifecycle using CA Harvest and Meister. Learn how to create a continuous integration process for your agile developers while maintaining a waterfall approach to production release.






Meister and the Eclipse Plugin

This document outlines the steps required for integrating with the Eclipse Plug-In.


Microsoft .Net

Build Automation and .Net




Benefits of Using Meister and Visual Studio .Net

Meister extends the features of .Net, TFS and Team Build for enterprise .Net development environments. Learn how Meister supports builds for multiple .Net Solutions, accelerates .Net builds and manages cross language development efforts.

WP Building Multi language apps with VS

Learn how you can use the Microsoft Visual Studio technology to build multi-language applications using the Meister Microsoft Add-in. Build mutli-language, or multi-solution applications with inter-dependency checking and build best practices.







IBM ClearCase and Meister

This document presents a discussion of how to streamline J2EE development using Openmake integrated into IBM RAD and IBM ClearCase.

Building IBM RAD with Meister

This document presents a discussion of how Openmake integrates into IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Projects and extends the build.

CA Harvest Support


Meister and Harvest

Understand the integration between OpenMake Meister and CA Harvest (Premium Edition) for building your software directly from CA Harvest without Ant, Maven or Make scripts.

Implementing CA Harvest to support DevOps

Implementing a simplified build and deploy process integrated into CA Harvest.





Conversion to Git/SVN


Converting from PVCS to Git or Subversion

A technical whitepaper explaining the required steps for completing a PVCS conversion.