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Experts in Version Control Migration Services

We can help you move to Git or SVN


OpenMake Software Professional Services can help you convert your legacy version control repository to a new "next generation" repository such as Git or Subversion.  Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many large and small companies to move away from  legacy version control systems such as PVCS, IBM ClearCase and CVS.

These legacy systems often have large installations that can be as old as 20+ years. Converting the file revisions to a new solution may seem like a very large and daunting task.  Our Professional Services team can help you determine the correct course for moving away from theses legacy systems and help you avoid the pitfalls that are common when addressing these conversion efforts.

Our Professional Services Consultants are experienced with CA Harvest, Subversion, Git, CVS, IBM ClearCase, Perforce, PTC Integrity, Borland Starteam, Accurev, Serena Dimensions, Serena PVCS, Source Vault, and Microsoft TFS.  We can help you understand the steps required to perform the conversion, outline a Project based conversion effort and develop a joint plan that will allow you to move to a more agile source code management process. 
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