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CloudBuilder -On-demand provisioning of virtual resources

CloudBuilder provides on demand build platform services reducing operational cost by eliminating the need for physical build machines. CloudBuilder leverages both public and private Cloud environments allowing you to coordinate and control your virtual Build Machine configurations on-demand. Developers use CloudBuilder to provision server resources at Build time. Testing and Production Release teams use CloudBuilder to enforce standardized machine configurations eliminating the “drift” across the development to release life cycle.

CloudBuilder Key Benefits:

Simplifies Cloud Provisioning for VMware and Amazon EC2

The VMware and Amazon EC2 environments offer many productivity and cost savings benefits to end users. However these environments can require technical expertise in systems management to understand how to put them in use. CloudBuilder simplifies the interface into VMware and Amazon EC2 allowing developers to take advantage of the Cloud technologies as quickly as possible.

Provides “Build Time” construction and deconstruction of development and test machines

Developers, Testers and Production control can easily use CloudBuilder to request a particular machine image as part of a Meister Workflow, use that image to build their code and deconstruct the image when the task is completed. Deconstructing the image when it is no longer needed reduces security concerns related to using Public Cloud environments.

Supports Continuous Integration in the Cloud

CloudBuilder enhances the CI build process by supporting CI builds running in the Cloud. CI Builds using the Cloud standardizes build components and configurations early.

Eliminates "drift" between Development and Production Builds

“It worked on my machine” is a common complaint heard when machine configurations drift between Development builds and Test/Pre-Production builds. CloudBuilder eliminates this drift by allowing the build process to enforce a standard machine configuration between different states in the build to release lifecycle.

Controls Reuse of Middleware and OS artifacts

By standardizing Build Images, CloudBuilder allows you to control the reuse of artifacts that impact your software build such as OS and middleware artifacts. By doing so, CloudBuilder extends Meister’s dependency management and re-use capability all the way down to OS versions and compiler binaries.

Reduces Development Operational Cost

CloudBuilder delivers to developers, testers and production control teams fast and inexpensive access to server resources. Cloud Builder allows developers to “rent” virtual machines for performing any number of software builds, without the expensive of physical hardware.

Reports on the status of provisioned machines

The VMware and EC2 Cloud environments allow you to use more server resources at any one time. CloudBuilder makes it simple to see the status of your provisioned machines and to better manage your server resources.