Mojo Benefits for Development Managers

Continuous Integration and Build Process Automation provides your developers a job scheduling process for managing the application life-cycle steps around the execution of build and deploy scripts. OpenMake Mojo calls - in your custom pre-defined order - activities that are needed before and after the execution of the compile and link process, and centralizes and standardizes your development process.

OpenMake Mojo Key Benefits for Development Managers includes:

Maximize Productivity with Continuous Integration

OpenMake Mojo's continuous integration (CI) features allows a central location to define all pre and post activities around the calling of your build to deploy steps.  Mojo's Continuous Build and Continuous Deploy features support the triggering or scheduling of these activities in a consistent order, with chaining and "if/else" conditions around each activity called in the workflow. Common tasks can be executed and reused, freeing your developers to do the important work of software coding.

Shared Knowledge and Teamwork

OpenMake Mojo lets you visualize your development process, allowing all members of the development team to easily understand the steps in the application life-cycle. This shared knowledge keeps everybody on the same page, and enhances teamwork and productivity.

Team Handoffs

OpenMake Mojo makes it easy for your teams to hand off their application life cycle process to the change and production management teams who are responsible for releasing applications to production. With Mojo, all teams have the same view of the life-cycle process, and can automate the critical hand-off processes - reducing time-consuming errors and improving product quality.

Increased Productivity

OpenMake Mojo saves money by automating the calling of multiple application life cycle tools in a workflow process, eliminating the need for a single person to execute the steps, one at a time.  Mojo provides standard integrations with both commercial and open source ALM tools. OpenMake Mojo supports a centralized process for managing activities that are normally executed manually by multiple team members - enabling team members to focus more on feature development and less on the build process.

Metrics and Trend Reports

OpenMake Mojo tracks trends such as the most frequently executed build and deploy process, the longest running process and the most efficient processes.  These trend and metrics reports gives you a high-level view of problem areas that normally would be hidden under the cover of the black box scripts.

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