Meister Benefits for the Agile Developer

Agile development is a methodology that encourages the frequent source code changes - and frequent builds.   Improving your build process through the use of a Continuous Integration Server is not enough to support a fully charged agile environment.  To really amp up your agile process, you need a build process that can drive down into the compile and link process, matching the adaptive and iterative nature of your source code changes with the quick compilation of your binaries.  Meister gets your builds ready for agile by:
  • Providing adaptable build scripts that syncronize builds running outside the IDE with builds runnin within the IDE.
  • Accelerated Java and C  builds supporting 10 minutes builds or less.
  • Accurate incremental and pre-commit builds so your agile process is never doing a "clean all" build that runs for hours.
  • Continuous Integration with Remote Agent and Distributed Processing
  • Build Acceleration using Build Avoidance and Build Parallelization (Java and .NET)
Anything less than the above takes you right back to the "waterfall" approach where your build manager needs the luxury of time to tweak broken build scripts.  Meister delivers to the agile team, fast, consistent and repeatable compile and build processing. 
Adaptable Build Scripts
Use OpenMake Meister to synchronize your individual IDE Build with the Continuous Integration or "team" build running outside the IDE. Meister extends the IDE's automatic code creation features out to the build scripts for non-stop CI build support. For developers using popular IDEs such as Microsoft .NET, Eclipse and IBM-RSA/RAD, this means that executing builds outside of the IDE is 100% consistent with the builds executed inside of the IDEs. So go ahead and refactor, Meister will update the build scripts for you.
Fast, Efficient Builds
Ten minutes builds are not only possible with OpenMake Meister, they become the norm.  Meister's build automation accelerates Java and C (.NET) builds using multi-threaded and parallel processing technology.  In addition, Meister has the intelligence to not only distribute the calls to the compilers in parallel,  but it can also determine which objects are up to date and should not be built - called Build Avoidance. The combination of parallel processing and Build Avoidance gives you fast, efficient builds to speed up your agile process.
Eliminate Redundant Build Scripts
"Write once and use many" is a common goal in software development.  Meister provides a build framework, through Build Services, that allows you to define standard methods for executing your compile and link steps in a single re-usable module that is used to generate multiple scripts for multiple teams.   By eliminating the redundancies found in the manual build scripting process, Meister gives you the control you need to create  more efficient and accurate builds.
Pre-Commit Builds  (Pre-Flight)
Execute your individual build before you check-in your changes. OpenMake Meister supports builds at multiple levels from local sandbox builds to production builds and emergency builds.  Meister allows you to do a full incremental system build in your local sandbox letting you know exactly how your changes will impact the continuous integration build. This full incremental sand box build can be executed directly inside your IDE with real time build monitoring and audit analysis. Meister's pre-commit builds lets you know if your change will make or break the team build running on your continuous integration server.
Automatic Build Refactoring
OpenMake Meister automatically recognizes and addresses build scripts when a developer has refactored their code through the IDE.  Meister supports the refactoring process by automatically updating the build scripts to reflect the changes caused by the refactoring process.  Updates to the build scripts are done with a simple click of a button inside the development IDE through Meister plug-ins.
Distributed Build Processing
OpenMake Meister supports a process engine that utilizes remote agents for distributing the workload across multiple machines and operating systems.  Some build process can be complex.  Using multiple machines may be necessary when different steps in the workflow require the use of different machine configurations, such as testing.
Continuous Integration Server
OpenMake Meister features a Continuous Itegration server with out of the box plug-ins for supporting your favorite versioning tool, testing tools and deployment tools.  Builds and workflows can be scheduled, executed on a time basis, triggered by a versioning check-in or executed on demand.  All logs, metrics reports and results are written to the centralized server for self-service access by all team members.

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