Meister Benefits for the Agile Developer

Improving your build process through the use of a Continuous Integration Server is not enough to support a fully charged agile environment.  To really amp up your agile process, you need a build process that can drive down into the compile and link process, matching the adaptive and iterative nature of your source code changes with the quick compilation of your binaries.  Meister gets your builds ready for agile by:
  • Providing adaptable build scripts that syncronize builds running outside the IDE with builds runnin within the IDE.
  • Accelerated Java and C  builds supporting 10 minutes builds or less.
  • Accurate incremental and pre-commit builds so your agile process is never doing a "clean all" build that runs for hours.
  • Continuous Integration with Remote Agents and Server Pools
  • Accelerated Builds using Build Avoidance and Build Parallelization (Java and .NET)
Anything less than the above takes you right back to the "waterfall" approach where your build manager needs the luxury of time to tweak broken build scripts.  Meister delivers to the agile team, fast, consistent and repeatable compile and build processing. 

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