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OpenMake Meister provides real solutions for the build specialist.  Unlike our competitor's solutions that offer only job scheduling like process automation, Meister actually gives you the power tools to manage at the build engine level, such as MSBuild or Ant.  Meister goes far beyond just putting workflow around the static scripts.  Meister gives you the tools to improve and standardize on the way your compile and link process is designed.   Build Managers can take special advantage in the use of Meister's Build Services and Build Methods for enforcing build best practices.  Meister also automates the build decision making for a rock solid build process regardless of language or operating platform.  OpenMake Meister has been recognized as the leading build automation solution and is used by over 100,000 developers in over 500 installations.  Key Meister benefits for the Build Manager includes:

  • Enforcement of Standards and the Elimination of Redundancies
  • Easy Implementation
  • Build Acceleration
  • Automatic Source Dependency Management and Decision Making
  • Integration with IDEs for consistent builds inside and outside of the IDE
  • Build Process Activity Dependency Management and Continuous Integration
  • Extendable ALM plug-ins

Enforcement of Standards and the Elimination of Redundancies

OpenMake Meister's Build Services are the "power tools" needed to manage diverse build engines, administer dependency directories, define compile options, audit build artifacts and control builds across large enterprises without the need for working late, hiring more staff or relying on a particular key developer to get the job done.  Using Build Services, build best practices can be defined and implemented with little effort as Meister does the job for you.

One of the most important solutions that OpenMake Meister offers to the build specialist is the ability to write highly reusable Build Services. OpenMake Meister allows build specialist to centralize build meta data into a central knowledge base and generate build scripts based on the reusable Build Services framework.  This reduces the number of redundant build scripts that you must write and maintain from literally thousands of scripts to a small handful of reusable Build Services.

Easy Implementation

With Meister, there is no need to re-write your Ant our Make scripts. In fact you can leave them just as they are, store them in a SCM tool and forget about them forever!  Meister has over 200 pre-defined Build Services available out of the box for you to use.  These Build Services integrate with popular IDEs such as Microsoft .NET, Eclipse, IBM-RAD, Oracle and Borland, so that you simply define where your IDE project files are kept and Meister re-generates your build script for you.  In fact, your build process is improved, since Meister automatically keeps your build scripts up-to-date - without your having to manually update the scripts when they out of sync with the source code they are supposed to be building.  You can also create custom Build Services to fit any set of build specifications required to build your applications.

Fast, Efficient Builds

Meister accelerates builds eliminating those builds that run for hours.  Meister accelerates builds by determining which steps in the compile and link process can be performed in parallel – taking full advantage of separate processors on multi-core machine hardware.  Building your application in parallel mode can reduce your build times up to 50%. In addition, with Meister's Build Avoidance technology, development teams can achieve 10 minute incremental builds, ensuring that every build is accurate without the need for performing a "clean all" build.

Automatic Source Dependency Management and Decision Making

Source code scanning - to determine dependency relationships and "out of date" conditions of a build - is a basic requirement for any tool that calls itself a "build management solution." OpenMake Meister does deep dependency discovery and provides a complete audit trail of every artifact that went into the build, even when the artifact did not exist in the build directory or was stored in a version management tool. Because Meister manages at the build engine level, it can determine the order in which builds should be executed - even when circular dependencies are defined.  It does this automatically, without the need for the build specialist to attempt to do this job manually.

Integration with IDEs for Consistent Builds - Inside and Outside of the IDE

Because software changes rapidly, the build specialist often discovers that the build scripts that were just recently updated are now out of sync with the changes made by a developer.  OpenMake Meister inter-operates with the developer's IDE project file and automatically updates the builds running outside of the IDE – so that the Build Manager doesn't have to!

Programmable Continuous Integration

OpenMake Meister provides powerful, time-tested Continuous Integration with scheduling and trigger features, but also gives you smart build process management.  Define your pre and post build activities to create a build to release process  - and let Meister orchestrate the process.  You can also create chained dependent activities around the build process with "if/else" conditions so that if one step fails, a downstream activity will not execute. This can be used to assemble large build systems, where several applications are built in a particular order.  For example, executing the build of the "data access" application before the "customer service" application.

Extendable ALM Plugins

OpenMake Meister comes out-of-the-box with dozens pre-defined ALM plugins supporting email notification,  and popular version control, testing and distribution tools.  You can also define your own custom plug-ins to easily integrate in-house developed and less common ALM tools. With the Meister framework, all of your tools are accessible in a consistent fashion - letting you quickly put together builds that use your tools just the way you need to.

We Support the Tools You Use

  • Cloudfoundry
  • Jenkins Head Center
  • Ansible2017
  • Github
  • Bugzilla
  • Jira
  • Babmoo
  • Chef
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Customer Success Stories

  • To improve internal audit, BNSF chose OpenMake Software for build automation, rolling it out to more than 200 users in 30 application teams, Their development environment included Microsoft and Eclipse.

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  • Meister offers us increased productivity and quality compared to manually controlled builds. Meister also completes the configuration management process through it's central build capabilities allowing Fortis to fully control all internal and external software assets within our fast evolving J2EE world.” --Matthias Pyck, Fortis Bank - Read the case study

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  • "Release Engineer and Meister provides us an adaptable DevOps platform to manage our software builds and releases across diverse platforms from z/OS to Windows” -- Banorte

  • "UCLA's challenge was to standardize how builds and releases were processed, regardless of the development language used. OpenMake Software provided this across the enterprise." -- University of Southern California , Production Control Team Lead

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