wsadmin – How to get a list of servers in a cluster

1. Get the cluster id based on the cluster name. 2. Get the list of members for the cluster id. 3. Convert the list of members into a Jython array. wsadminToList is found here.

Steps to deploy an ear file to Websphere Cluster

Here are the steps I use to deploy an Application to a Websphere Cluster. Get a list the Servers that belong to the Cluster Loop through the list of Servers in the Cluster Stop the App on

Adding commands to the end of the Docker ‘run’ command can cause problems

Starting a Docker Container which has autostart features, such as databases, where the Container automatically starts the database, won’t work if a command is appended to the end of the Docker ‘run’ command that starts the Container.

Why is Docker so Ubuntu-centric?

It seems that Ubuntu is the OS of choice for Docker users. Just about every dockerfile I’ve seen on and Docker user blogs uses apt-get and wget, which are available in Ubuntu but not Redhat. Having

Observations re: Docker

Docker has been around for about two years now, and there have been over 100 million downloads of the software. The amount of activity involved is impressive. Blogs, technical websites, etc. are buzzing with activity concerning this

wsadmin get cell name

To get a cell name from Websphere use the following code: AdminConfig.list will return all defined cells. Typically people just use one cell. wsadminToList will create an array of cells. We take the first one from the

Postgresql Hot Standby for Windows

To get started you need two machines that are the same architecture, ie 64 bit, with the same version of Postgres installed, including same Postgres architecture. 1. On Master – In pgAdmin run: 2. On Master –

Oracle database runtime

Release engineer running on top of Oracle is in testing.  Should be out soon for GA. Of course deploying to Oracle is already supported.

Release Packaging

Just as Applications package together components. Releases package together Applications.  This packaging enables you to release multiple applications together out to an environment.  Applications dependencies are at a higher level than component to component dependencies.  These dependencies

Application Packaging

We have defined that components are made up of runnable binaries.  And that components can depend upon each other.  Applications depend upon components as well.  You can think of components being the building blocks to making an