What is Dynamic DevOps?

Simply stated, Dynamic DevOps does not depend on static build and release scripts and instead incorporates build and release automation into the Continuous Integration process to perform the heavy lifting of compiling code, packaging code,  managing server environments, configurations and deployments.
Dynamic DevOps
Continuous Build and Continuous Delivery processes rely heavily on manual build scripts, release scripts and manifest files. These static scripts are the backbone of the continuous build and release engine and are the bottleneck to achieving higher levels of automation and control.


Only OpenMake Software has the technology to transition your static build and release framework into a highly automated process that generates build scripts, release scripts and the manifest information for the fastest and most consistent DevOps practice possible. Our DevOps Suite integrates with your favorite Continuous Integration process such as Jenkins, or comes with an integrated CI Server with built-in server pooling and load balancing.

OpenMake Software's Dynamic DevOps Suite includes: