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Our Team of Continuous Delivery Professionals

We can improve your Continuous Delivery from Build through Deploy


OpenMake Software's professional services Team's can help you recognize the promise of agile. We specialize in defining a 'push' button continuous delivery process that can support all teams from development to production. We have a deep understanding of the tools and automation required to make your continuous delivery process work for everyone.

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Our Continuous Delivery Expertise

Our Team has assisted major corporations in the implementation of a repeatable Continuous Delivery process using a broad range of automation tools and custom Continuous Integration plugins including:

OpenMake Meister | DeployHub | Subversion | Git | Jenkins | CloudBees | Ansible Tower | Ansible Galaxy Roles | IBM ClearCase | IBM ClearQuest | Microsoft TFS | Microsoft TeamBuild | Microsoft .NET | CA Harvest | CA Release Automation | CA TDM | Perforce | Eclipse | SCRUM | Puppet | Chef | Oracle | Oracle Developer | Sybase | SQL Server| Maven | Ant | Make

Our consultants are experienced with agile practices and are certified in Scrum and the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.