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Achieve Continuous Delivery with
DeployHub and CloudBees


CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Going the 'last mile' of agile by integrating ARA into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Let OpenMake Software help you implement the CloudBees Jenkins Platform with ARA to achieve a mature Continuous Delivery platform that can support Continuous Deploy from development through production.

The problem organizations face is they have invested in agile practices, but code is still not moving into production at an agile pace, even when they are using Continuous Delivery. Traditional production release processes differ from the way developers do deployments. They are built for stability and are viewed as a burden when extended to development environments. So instead, agile development teams define their own low-cost, one-off scripts to be called by the Continuous Delivery engine for development and testing environments. These practices don’t work for the move to production, resulting in great new features languishing in a 'staged' area waiting to be moved to production in a waterfall rhythm - not agile.


continuous delivery with scripts


The solution, integrate ARA into the CD pipeline. OpenMake Software, a Platinum CloudBees Partner, can help you mature your Continuous Integration process to a full Continuous Delivery pipeline that can support continuous deployment. By integrating OpenMake DeployHub Pro or DeployHub OSS an open source application release automation solution into the continuous delivery process, deployments can be supported across the pipeline, even when the environments are mixed, making waterfall practices disappear.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Get the Jenkins Plugin

Configuration of the DeployHub Jenkins Plugin

  • Username and Password- Determines security access to the various objects within DeployHub, including the Applications and Components that are available from the Jenkins Plug-In.
  • Target Environment - A DeployHub Environment contains all of the Servers that will be deployed to.
  • Application - A DeployHub Application contains all of the Components that make up a deployment. It is deployed against an Environment.
  • Wait for Deployment to Complete - This tells Jenkins to wait until DeployHub is finished with the deployment before moving on to the next step in the Job. If this option is chosen, the remaining steps in the Job will only run if the deployment was successful. If left unchecked, Jenkins will continue to the next step in the Job as soon as DeployHub begins the deployment, and ignore the success or failure of the deployment.
  • Use Advanced Version Selection - If this is checked, other options will appear that will allow you to take advantage of the capabilities that are available with Applications within DeployHubf. These include:
    • Find Latest Version - If Latest Version is approved, create a new version
    • Use Component Selection
    • Set Component Attributes
    • Set Application Attributes

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